Sadness can destroy but it makes you stronger and stronger every time. You feel like it kills you even though you survive every time. You are so strong! You have survived every time you thought you couldn’t. I am proud of everyone who has been struggling but survived. <3

Give life a chance. I promise you won’t be dissapointed. I gave life a chance and I can breathe better than in years. My anxiety isn’t horrible anymore and I hardly get anxious. I am more confident and braver than ever. I can go outside without stress and makeup. That is a big thing for me. I don’t hate myself anymore because I learned to like myself and live with myself. I try my best to be kind to myself.

I am not the happiest but I feel happiness every day. I survive everyday even though it’s not always easy. I’m still depressed but depression doesen’t control my life. I am fighter just like you.

We should do things that makes us happy. Writing makes me happy and I write often. Showing my feelings makes me happy. So I show them. Eating chocolate makes me happy so I eat it. I take silly selfies because it’s fun and it makes me happy. It doesen’t have to be a big thing. The important things is that it makes you happy. If you don’t feel happiness you can always try to watch funny videos or cute animal videos to cheer you up. Maybe you don’t feel like doing it but it could help. You don’t lose anything if you try to cheer you up.

Let’s win sadness together. Let’s fight. We can do it together. I believe in you. Love wins. We win. We survive with love.

Some day you can feel better again. You will smile like crazy. You will be happy that you continued living. This is for everyone who is struggling now.

Love from Alex <3