Voispa joku paijjata. Pussata. Kattoa silmiin. Kutittaa. PUSSATA NIIN PIRUSTI YHYYY. Naurattaa. Rakastaa. Onks se liikaa pyydetty?? ;-;

Lupaan tehä ruokaa, pussata, paijjata, pittää huolta, naurattaa ja vaikka saatana pestä sut, jos et ite kykyne siihen. Mä tahon rakastaa ja tulla rakastetuks yhyyyyy.


Mä oon oikeesti super jees, jos merkittet mulle paljo. Trust me. OSAAN FLIRTTAILLA SAKSAKSI.

Haluisin vain niin paljo nukahtaa jonku viereen. Herätä jonku vierestä. Ihailla simmuja. Pussata niin maan perkeleesti. Hiplata. Käpertyä lähelle, jos surettaa tai pelottaa.




I saw a dream…

I saw a dream last night. I saw something beautiful in it. It was simple, little weird but I loved it.

I saw love in it. Two people who hug each other. I saw me and my girlfriend. I saw loving looks and gentle touching. Something so innocent and cute. Happy faces.

My girlfriend is beautiful and love is too. I write about this because I miss her. I don’t know when we see next time and it makes me feel hopeless sometimes. We have a long distance relationship and we live over 8 hours away from each other. I can live with it but it’s hard sometimes.

The weird was that we were in a store while we hugged and we listened my spofity – music list. We were happy and calm. We were really relaxed with each other. I hope I can be like that someday with her. We have dated almost two months now so we aren’t 100% ourselves I guess. With time we will be more ourselves and relaxed.

I want to write about something else but she is always in my mind. And well this is my way to show that I miss her a lot. I just want to be close to her and hold her. I’m fucking gay sorry not sorry. *evil laugther*

Never gonna give you up.

See you soon my precious Angel.

Love from Alex <3