Thank you

There is something wonderful in you. Something I am ready to fight for.

Somehow we connect through distance and sadness. like you are a part of my soul, my heart, me.

Without you I would be miserable and probably thinking about suicide, maybe even trying to take my own life.

We have this power to help each other to get up every day and do what we gotta do. Motivating each other to be a better person by reminding about the good things, things that hurt like hell but we survived.

We survived to see the beauty in the world, flowers, sunsets, stars hidden by snowing, waterfalls, smiles on our faces. There is beauty everywhere you look, you just gotta look away from the phone and see it.

I will be grateful until I die. Our friendship is more than I could ever dream of. Thank you for existing, thank you for caring about me, thank you.


Good night everyone <3

Love, Sanna


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