Probably something pointless and stupid…

Don’t be sad darling. You do your best. I’m proud of you.

Don’t cry. Okay you can if it helps but I wish you are not alone when you cry.

Everything will be okay. Your friends will be okay again. You will be okay. Even if it’s only for a while. Sadness is a feeling and it goes away.

I wish I could be there hugging you. I wish I could hug everyone who feels sad, worthless or something like that.

I wish I could comfort you and everyone. But I can’t and it makes me kinda sad.

I want to tell to you that you aren’t worthless and everyone needs a friend like you. You are here to your friends, you love them, you listen. That is actually a lot. You don’t need to do anything else than support your friends. I understand that it’s not easy to accept that you can’t cure your friends but you can help by supporting them. That is more than enough.

I know it’s kinda pointless to tell all this but I try to cheer you up. This is all I can do from here. I hope it helps but if it doesen’t well I know I tried.

I wish everyone good luck with their problems and stuff.

I wish I could actually help…

Get better soon people. <3

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Can I see your smile? <3


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