Sending love <3

I want to share love for everyone so much! <3

I just suddenly got this feeling to watch pictures of my girlfriend and I got goosebumps and I felt love. I suddenly wanted to see her, love her, hear her laugh and see her eyes. Touch her warm hands. Kiss her. Okay I try not to be too gay now. SHE IS JUST THE CUTEST!! My little precious cutie!!! <3

We all deserve love and it doesen’t have to be romantic love. You can love in many ways and many things . You can love your parent(s), your sister, brother, friend, best friend, dogs, cats, everything.

I hope everyone is okay. <3 If not then that is fine too. You feel what you feel. Be okay soon! <3

Now I show my face again because I can!!

I hope you enjoy!!

Love from Alex.




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